Show Catalog

Our performances provide an unforgettable introduction for children to the magical art of puppetry with talk-backs and study guides that prepare kids for the show and meet the California Content Standards for the Visual and Performing Arts.

Touring Shows

$450 for first show with an audience of 300 (second show is $150)

$300 for the first show for an audience of 150

$200 for the first show with an audience of 80 people or less

Birthday Parties $160 – audience must not exceed 40 people. One show only.

Half-price for a second show/same day and space performance

Minimum space of 8x8x8 required with children seated on the floor.

All performances must be held indoors.

Mileage fees outside of Bakersfield – .30 per mile round-trip.

Puppet Building Workshops and Residencies Also Available!

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A vain queen tries to destroy a beautiful princess who receives help from seven new friends. The classic Grimm Brothers’ tale told with a surprise ending!

45 minutes – Recommended Kindergarten and up!

The Tortoise and the Hare

Fed up with the Hare’s teasing, the Tortoise challenges him to a race.  To prepare, he gets training from an unexpected mentor.  A fun, fast-paced tale about  standing up for yourself and believing in your abilities!

45 minutes – Recommended Kindergarten and up!

A miller’s youngest son inherits the family cat, and soon realizes that it will be his greatest gift. A musical story of an unlikely hero with incredible talents!

40 minutes – Recommended Kindergarten and up!

The classic story of a beautiful princess, an evil fairy, a dragon, a hero, and the curse that brings them all together!

40 minutes – Recommended pre-school and up!

A rambunctious girl scout comes selling cookies and turns a bear family’s life upside down!

35 minutes – Recommended pre-school and up!

This unique re-telling of “The Bremen Town Musicians”  features  three  recyclable characters – a can, a soda bottle, and a juice box – trying to escape the garbage heap and follow their dream of playing in a rock band.  But they must avoid the Dumpster, who wants to cart them off to the city dump! A musical story of friendship with a recyclable message!

40 minutes – Recommended pre-school and up!

The most traditional of our fairytales, but still including the Omnipresent humor.  Jack must sell the family cow to help make ends meet, and instead trades her for some magic beans.  This angers his mother who grounds him and makes him throw out the beans in the yard.  A giant beanstalk grows and the fun begins!  Featuring the faithful cow, a harp, a hen that lays golden eggs and   . . .THE GIANT.

Jack and the Beanstalk Study Guide

45 minutes – Recommended ages 4 and up.

The classic fairy tale about the little girl who couldn’t stay on the path.  A raucous re-telling featuring a Big Bad Wolf who sings Elvis and a woodcutter who makes friends with a swarm of killer bees.  Red’s opening song, “What a Great Day for an Adventure” says it all.

40 minutes – Recommended for ages 3 and up.

The Big Bad Wolf is back, and this time he’s menacing three pigs just out on their own in the world. But the brick house is only half finished! A story of teamwork, as it takes all the pigs’ efforts to complete the house before the wolf comes! With a cameo from Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother.

30 minutes – Recommended for ages 3 and up.

The story of a poor fisherman whose wife demands more and more wishes from an enchanted fish he catches and throws back on the briny. A funny and charming re-telling of the classic Grimm Brothers’ fable about the pitfalls of greed that cautions being careful what you wish for.

35 minutes – Recommended pre-school and up!

A queen hires an intrepid detective to find out the name of the little man who wants to take her son!  An action-packed re-telling of “Rumpelstiltskin” done in the fashion of the classic detective thrillers of the 1940s!
45 minutes – Recommended Kindergarten and up.

From Sub-Saharan Africa comes this traditional tale of Naomi and Mara, two sisters from a small farming village on separate journeys to see the king. Mara, who is vain and bitter, sneaks out the night before, determined to be the one the king chooses to be queen. She meets and mistreats a number of magical characters on her way to her just desserts. A comically poignant lesson in kindness to others and the consequences of our actions.

Study Guide for Tale of Two Sisters

35 minutes – Recommended Kindergarten and up.

Compiled from three spider folktales – two African and one Native American – this riveting story puts Anansi in the hero’s role of saving the village from a flood: although it was his own greed and selfishness that caused it in the first place!  Funny and charming and full of delightful animal characters!

Study Guide for Anansi’s Rainbow

45 minutes – Recommended Kindergarten-up.

Comet has lost the sleigh and it’s nearly Christmas Eve!  Follow Santa’s reindeer as he enlists of help of Jack Frost, a fraidy-cat snowman, and a little girl named Robin to solve the mystery.  Includes audience sing-alongs of some of your favorite holiday songs!

40 minutes – Ages 3 and up.​